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The Block 24 Survey




In December of 1975 S. Kent Harkins and Christopher L. Brown of the Washington Archaeological Research Center at WSU performed an archaeological survey of Block 24 of the Columbia Basin Project in Franklin County, Washington. Two sites were recorded, 45FR281 and 45FR282. Site 45FR281 is a historic dump. 45FR282 is a prehistoric occupation site. At 45FR281 a large number of metal objects, milled lumber, nails, and cans were observed. At 45FR282 mineralized mammal bone and several cobble tools were observed. There is no record of materials being collected from either site although it is suggested that at least one of the cobble tools was collected as the researchers discuss having the tool examined microscopically.


Condition of the Collection


Although Harkins and Brown (1976) do not report collecting from either of the two sites investigated during the Block 24 Survey–45FR281 and 45FR282–a few things from these sites are in the Museum collections. The original site forms also describe materials that were collected. The site form for 45FR281 reports that a single large spoon was collected. This spoon was located during the inventory. The site form for 45FR282 describes faunal remains, a cobble tool, and four flakes. All but one flake are present in the Museum collections. The only project records located are the 1976 report and the site forms.


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