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The Lower Crab Creek Project




The Lower Crab Creek Survey was performed intermittently between 1972 and 1973. The project was intended to identify sites located along two possible water disposal routes below O’Sullivan dam. The routes examined were along Lower Crab Creek and Owl Creek. No sites were found along Owl Creek but 21 sites were located along Lower Crab Creek (Greene and Irwin 1973:10; 1975:48-49). Information resulting from the survey was expanded and incorporated into Greene’s 1975 dissertation from Washington State University (Greene 1975). His dissertation also reports on a survey of private property in the Cow Creek area.


Condition of the Collections


No field catalog was found among the project records for the Lower Crab Creek Survey. The associated project and site records are few, consisting of only a small amount of correspondence and some employee records. Site forms for each of the sites are the most complete extant record of this project. A site form was located for 45AD29 that identified it as part of this project although it is not mentioned in Greene and Irwin’s report (1973). The form does not note that any materials were collected. The only description we located of what was collected by the project is a list in Greene and Irwin (1973:21-23). Comparison of this list with what the Museum has from this work shows that most of the material collected by Greene and Irwin is not accounted for. It appears that all that remains of these collections are the debitage and broken tools. It is probable that many of the materials in the collection, although classified as such things as bifaces and cores, are not the same as those described by Greene as most of the extant materials are very fragmentary. Examination of the Museum loan records failed to produce any leads as to where the missing materials might be.

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