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Asotin County Sites


Site #
Site Name
45AS1 (none) A, R
45AS2 Steptoe Burial Site A, R , S
45AS3 (none) A, R
45AS4 (none) A, R
45AS 6 (none) R
45AS7 Alpowa Pictographs R
45AS10 (none) A, R
45AS11 (none)  
45AS12 (none) A, R
45AS13 (none)  
45AS14 Buffalo Eddy R
45AS15 (none)  
45AS16 (none) A, R
45AS17 (none) A, R
45AS18 (none) A, R
45AS19 (none) A
45AS20 (none) A, R
45AS21 (none) A, R
45AS22 (none) R
45AS23 (none) R
45AS24 (none) A, R
45AS25 (none) R
45AS26 (none) A, R, S
45AS27 (none) A, R
45AS28 (none) A, R
45AS29 (none) A, R
45AS30 (none) A, R
45AS31 (none) A, R
45AS32 (none)  
45AS33 (none) A, R
45AS34 (none) A
45AS35 (none) A
45AS36 (none) A
45AS37 (none) A
45AS38 (none) R
45AS39 (none) A
45AS40 (none) A
45AS42 (none) A, R
45AS44 (none) A
45AS45 (none) R
45AS46 (none) R
45AS47 (none) A, R
45AS48 (none) A, R
45AS49 (none) R
45AS50 (none) R
45AS51 (none) R
45AS52 (none) R
45AS53 (none) R
45AS54 (none) A, R
45AS55 (none) A, R
45AS56 (none) A, R
45AS58 (none) A, R
45AS64 (none) A
45AS65 (none) A
45AS75 (none) R
45AS78 Alpowa Locality/The Pig Farm A, R, S
45AS79 Alpowa Locality/Historic Cache A, R
45AS80 Alpowa Locality/Pit House Village A, R, S
45AS81 Alpowa Burials A, R, S
45AS82 Alpowa Locality/Timothy's Village A, R, S
45AS87 Alpowa Locality/Silcott A, R, S
45AS88 Alpowa Locality/Silcott/Weiss 1 & 2 A, R, S
45AS89 Alpowa Locality/Silcott/Weiss 3  
45AS90 Alpowa Locality A, R
45AS99 BOAS AT&T Fiber Optic Line A, R


A = Artifacts; R = Project Records; S = Soil Samples or Organic Samples

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