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Ferry County Sites


Site #
Site Name
45FE1 Freeland Site R
45FE2 (none) R
45FE6 (none) R
45FE8 (none) R
45FE9 (none) R
45FE10 (none) R
45FE14 (none) R
45FE15 (none) R
45FE16 Nancy Creek A, R
45FE17 (none) R
45FE18 Katy Creek R
45FE19 (none) R
45FE20 (none) R
45FE21 (none) R
45FE22 (none) A, R, S
45FE26 (none) A, R
45FE27 (none) R
45FE28 (none) A, R
45FE29 (none) A, R
45FE30 (none) A, R
45FE31 (none) A, R
45FE32 (none) R
45FE33 (none) A, R
45FE34 (none) A, R
45FE35 (none) R
45FE36 (none) R
45FE37 (none) A, R
45FE38 Railroad Bridge Site R
45FE39 (none) R
45FE40 (none) R
45FE41 (none) R
45FE42 (none) A, R
45FE43 Stanger Creek Site A, R, S


A = Artifacts; R = Project Records; S = Soil Samples or Organic Samples

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