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The Marmes Rockshelter Site

Appendices (Hicks 2004)


In 2004, Brent Hicks, in cooperation with the Colville Confederated Tribe, published an edited volume about the Marmes site. This one-volume report compiles chapters on cultural context, environment, stratigraphy, site formation processes, features, human remains, stone tools, bone tools, botanical remains, and faunal remains - mammals birds, reptiles, fish, and shellfish. Appendices include the data analyzed and discussed by each researcher. Links below will allow you to download copies of the database and each of the appendices containing the data used by each researcher.

Any discrepancies between the Marmes Collection Inventory Database and individual appendices can be resolved by contacting staff at the Archaeological Repository.

Burial materails - Human remains and Associated Funerary Objects - are not included in this publicly available copy of the Marmes Collection Inventory Database. Permission to examine these materials must be obtained through the Walla Walla District Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Appendix A: Marmes Collection Inventory Database

Appendix B: Stratigraphic Profile Drawings

Appendix C: Particle Size Data

Appendix D: Chemical Data

Appendix E: Physical Descriptions

Appendix F: Feature Data Tables

Appendix G: List of Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms--Lithic Analysis

Appendix H: Lithic Technological Analysis Data

Appendix I: Obisidian Source Analysis

Appendix J: List of Samples Analyzed in This Study from the Marmes Floodplain

Appendix K: List of Unanalyzed Mammal Remains from the Marmes Floodplain

Appendix L: List of Unanalyzed Bird Remains from the Marmes Floodplain

Appendix M: List of Unanalyzed Samples Containing Reptile and Amphibian Bones

Appendix N: Fish Remains Analysis Data

Appendix O: All Identified Shellfish

Appendix P: Marmes Horizon Swan Bone Identification

Appendix Q: Radiocarbon Dating Reports

Appendix R: Pollen Analysis Report





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