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Franklin County Sites


Site #
Site Name
45FR1 (none) A, R, S
45FR2 Ainsworth Site A, R, S
45FR3 (none) A, R, S
45FR4 (none) A, R, S
45FR5 Strawberry Island/Miller Site A, R, S
45FR6 (none) R
45FR7 (none) R
45FR8 (none) A, R
45FR11 Columbia Park R
45FR12 (none) R
45FR13 (none) R
45FR14 Chiawana Park A, R, S
45FR15 Chiawana Park A, R, S
45FR16 (none) R
45FR17 North Pasco Site A, R, S
45FR18 (none) R
45FR19 Tri-Cities Arch. District R, S
45FR20 Hanford South Arch. District A, R, S
45FR21 (none) A, R, S
45FR22 Taylor Flat A, R, S
45FR23 Taylor Flat A, R
45FR24 Taylor Flat A, R, S
45FR25 Hanford South Arch. District A, R, S
45FR28 Borgans Island A, R, S
45FR29 (none) R
45FR30 Windust Park A, R, S
45FR32 The Votaw/Dent Site A, R, S
45FR36 Palus Village/Cemetary; Bone in Throat A, R, S
45FR37 Ayer R
45FR39 Three Springs Bar A, R, S
45FR40 The Harder Site A, R, S
45FR41 Ice Harbor Rockshelter R
45FR42 Fish Hook Island A, R, S
45FR43 Klundt, Page or Rapids Site A, R, S
45FR44 (none) R
45FR45 (none) A, R
45FR46 Windust Caves A, R, S
45FR47 Ford Island A, R, S
45FR48 Pictographs above Page Springs R
45FR49 Windust Cairns R
45FR50 Marmes Rockshelter A, R, S
45FR51 Lyons Ferry A, R, S
45FR52 Palus Canyon District/Mesa Burial A, R, S
45FR53 Palouse Canyon Distirct A, R, S
45FR54 Palouse Canyon District A, R, S
45FR55 (none) R
45FR56 (none) R
45FR57 (none) R
45FR58 (none) R
45FR59 (none) R
45FR60 (none) R
45FR83 (none) R, S
45FR101 Chiawana Park A, R, S
45FR201 McGregor Cave A, R
45FR202 Porcupine Cave A, R
45FR251 Taylor Flat A, R, S
45FR252 Taylor Flat A, R
45FR270 (none) R
45FR272 Joe Dont/Burr Cave A, R, S
45FR274 Palouse Canyon/Rockshelter 4 A, R, S
45FR275 Palouse Canyon/Rockshelter 5 A, R, S
45FR276 Palouse Canyon/Rockshelter 6 A, R, S
45FR277 Palouse Canyon A, R, S
45FR278 Palouse Canyon/Rockshelter 14 A, R, S
45FR279 Palouse Canyon/Rockshelter 15 A, R, S
45FR281 (none) A, R
45FR282 (none) A, R
45FR283 Martindale Island A, R, S
45FR284 (none) R
45FR306 (none) R
45FR308 (none) R
45FR310 Ainsworth Townsite A, R, S
45FR317 (none) A, R, S
45FR402 (none) R
45FR407 (none) R
45FR408 (none) R
45FR409 (none) R
45FR410 (none) R
45FR416 (none) R
45FR417 (none) R
45FR419 (none) R
45FR420 (none) R
45FR421 (none) R
45FR425 (none) R
45FR426 (none) R
45FR427 (none) R
45FR428 PCAP R
45FR429 (none) R
45FR430 (none) R
45FR431 (none) R
45FR432 (none) R
45FR433 (none) R
45FR434 (none) R
45FR435 (none) R
45FR436 (none) R
45FR437 (none) R
45FR438 (none) R
45FR440 (none) R
45FR441 (none) R
45FR442 (none) R
45FR443 (none) R
45FR444 (none) R
45FR462 (none) R
45FR463 (none) R
45FR464 (none) R
45FR465 (none) R
45FR466 (none) R
45FR467 (none) R
45FR471 (none) A, R, S
45FR472 (none) A, R
45FR505 (none) R
45FR506 (none) R
45FR507 (none) R
45FR510 (none) R
45FR511 (none) R
45FR512 (none) R


A = Artifacts; R = Project Records; S = Soil Samples or Organic Samples

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