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Site #
Site Name
45GR27 Ridge Bottom Village A, R, S
45GR30 (none) A, R, S
45GR33 (none) A, R, S
45GR49 (none) A, R, S
45GR52 Crab/Cow Creek A, R
45GR53 Crab/Cow Creek A, R
45GR55 Crab/Cow Creek A, R, S
45GR97 Lind Coulee A, R, S
45GR138 (none)  
45GR150 (none)  
45GR151 (none)  
45GR153 (none)  
45GR155 (none)  
45GR156 (none)  
45GR158 (none)  
45GR159 (none)  
45GR161 Winchester Wasteway A, R, S
45GR164 (none) A, R
45GR165 (none)  
45GR187 (none) R
45GR188 (none) R
45GR189 (none) R
45GR190 (none) R
45GR191 (none) R
45GR192 (none) R
45GR193 (none) A, R, S
45GR194 (none) A, R, S
45GR195 (none) R
45GR196 (none) R
45GR197 (none) A, R, S
45GR198 (none) R
45GR199 (none) A, R, S
45GR200 (none) R
45GR220 (none) R
45GR321 (none) A, R
45GR326 (none) A, R
45GR367 (none) A, R
45GR450 (none) A, R
45GR455 (none) A, R
45GR510 (none) A, R
45GR511 (none) A, R
45GR615 (none) A, R
45GR632 (none) R, S
45GR642 Saddle Mountain Quarry A, R, S
45GR703 (none) A, R
45GR707 (none) A, R
45GR708 (none) A, R
45GR711 (none) A, R
45GR719 (none) A, R, S
45GR720 (none) A, R, S
45GR723 (none) A, R, S
45GR727 (none) A, R
45GR728 (none) A, R, S
45GR731 (none) A, R, S
45GR738 (none) A, R, S
45GR744 (none) A, R


A = Artifacts; R = Project Records; S = Soil Samples or Organic Samples

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