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Site #
Site Name
45ST1 (none) R
45ST2 (none) R
45ST3 (none) R
45ST4 (none) A, R, S
45ST5 (none) R
45ST6 (none) R
45ST7 (none) R
45ST9 (none) R
45ST10 (none) R
45ST11 (none) R
45ST12 (none) R
45ST13 (none) R
45ST14 (none) R
45ST15 (none) R
45ST16 (none) R
45ST17 (none) R
45ST18 (none) R
45ST19 (none) R
45ST20 (none) R
45ST21 (none) R
45ST22 (none) R
45ST23 (none) A, R
45ST24 (none) R
45ST25 (none) R
45ST26 (none) R
45ST27 (none) A, R
45ST28 (none) R
45ST29 (none) R
45ST30 (none) R
45ST32 (none) A, R, S
45ST35 (none) A, R
45ST36 (none) R
45ST37 (none) R
45ST43 (none) R
45ST44 (none) R
45ST46 (none) R
45ST47 (none) R
45ST49 (none) R
45ST52 (none) A, R
45ST53 (none) R
45ST54 (none) A, R
45ST55 (none) R
45ST56 (none) A, R
45ST57 (none) A, R, S
45ST58 (none) A, R
45ST59 (none) R
45ST60 (none) R
45ST61 (none) R
45ST62 (none) R
45ST63 (none) A, R, S
45ST64 (none) R
45ST65 (none) A, R
45ST66 (none) A, R
45ST67 (none) R
45ST68 (none) R
45ST69 (none) R
45ST70 (none) R
45ST71 (none) R
45ST72 (none) R
45ST73 (none) R
45ST74 (none) R
45ST75 (none) R
45ST76 (none) R
45ST77 (none) R
45ST78 (none) R
45ST79 (none) R
45ST80 (none) R
45ST81 (none) A, R
45ST82 (none) A, R, S
45ST83 (none) R
45ST84 (none) R
45ST85 (none) R
45ST86 (none) R
45ST87 (none) R
45ST88 (none) R
45ST89 (none) R
45ST90 (none) R
45ST91 (none) R
45ST92 (none) A, R
45ST93 (none) A, R
45ST94 (none) R
45ST95 (none) R
45ST96 (none) R
45ST122 (none) R
45ST123 (none) R
45ST124 (none) R
45ST125 (none) R
45ST126 (none) R
45ST127 (none) R
45ST128 (none) R
45ST129 (none) A, R
45ST130 (none) R


A = Artifacts; R = Project Records; S = Soil Samples or Organic Samples

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