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Whitman County Sites


Site #
Site Name
45WT1 Riparia A, R, S
45WT2 Trestle Site A, R, S
45WT4 (none) A, R
45WT5 (none) A, R
45WT6 (none) A, R
45WT7 Penewawa Bar West A, R, S
45WT8 Penewawa Bar South A, R
45WT9 Penewawa Bar Central A, R, S
45WT10 Swift Bar A, R, S
45WT11 (none) R
45WT12 (none) R
45WT13 Kelly's Island A, R
45WT14 (none) A, R
45WT15 (none) R
45WT16 (none) A, R
45WT17 (none) A, R
45WT18 Willow Creek A, R
45WT19 Ridpath Bar West A, R
45WT20 (none) R
45WT21 (none) R
45WT22 (none)  
45WT23 (none)  
45WT24 (none)  
45WT25 (none) A, R
45WT26 (none)  
45WT27 (none)  
45WT28 (none) R
45WT29 (none) A, R
45WT30 Swift Bar A, R, S
45WT31 Swift Bar A, R, S
45WT32 (none) R
45WT33 (none) R
45WT34 (none)  
45WT35 (none) A, R, S
45WT36 Thron Thicket A, R, S
45WT37 (none) R
45WT39 Wawawai A, R
45WT40 (none) A, R
45WT41-1 (none) A, R, S
45WT41 Granite Point A, R, S
45WT44 (none) R
45WT45 (none) A
45WT47 (none) A, R, S
45WT48 (none) A, R, S
45WT49 (none) A, R
45WT50 (none) A, R
45WT51 (none) A, R
45WT52 (none) A, R
45WT53 Blyton Landing A, R, S
45WT55 (none) A, R
45WT56 (none) A, R, S
45WT60 (none) A
45WT61 (none) A, R
45WT62 (none) A, R
45WT63 (none) A, R
45WT65 (none) A, R, S
45WT66 (none) R
45WT70 Ferguson Campsite A, R, S
45WT73 (none) A, R
45WT74 (none) A, R, S
45WT75 (none) R
45WT76 Alpowa Locality  
45WT77 (none) R
45WT78 (none) A, R, S
45WT79 (none) A, R
45WT80 (none) A, R
45WT81 (none) R
45WT83 (none) A, R
45WT97 (none) A, R
45WT99 Wilma Bar A, R, S
45WT100 (none) R
45WT101 Lawyer Site A, R, S
45WT102 Wilma Bar Bench A, R, S
45WT103 Wilma Bar Culver A, R
45WT104 Alpowa Locality/Ferry Tender A, R, S
45WT108 Castle Rock Site A, R
45WT113 (none) R
45WT134 Hatiuhpuh A, R, S
45WT206 (none) R
45WT245 (none) A, R


A = Artifacts; R = Project Records; S = Soil Samples or Organic Samples

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